In a shocking move that’s sure to raise eyebrows, the BBC has announced that it will be implementing a brand new “Far Right questionnaire” for all new recruits. According to sources within the organisation, the move is aimed at “weeding out” anyone who may hold views that are not in line with the corporation’s progressive values.

The picture you see in this article is part of the questionnaire applicants to the BBC will now be required to fill in.

The announcement has already sparked outrage among many on the right, who feel that the BBC is once again overstepping its boundaries and attempting to silence dissenting voices.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said one Conservative MP. “The BBC is supposed to be a neutral broadcaster, not a propaganda machine for the left. This is just another attempt to stifle free speech and silence anyone who doesn’t toe the line.”

However, the BBC insists that the move is necessary to ensure that it remains an inclusive and diverse organisation that reflects the values of modern Britain.

“It’s vital that we weed out anyone who may hold far-right views, such as Brexit voters, racists and climate change deniers,” said the Auntie Inclusivity Czar, who wished to remain anonymous. “We simply cannot allow these kinds of views to go unchallenged, and we must ensure that our staff are all on board with our progressive agenda.”

The new questionnaire reportedly includes a series of probing questions designed to uncover any potential far-right leanings, such as asking applicants whether they support Brexit or whether they believe that climate change is a hoax.

While some have applauded the move as a necessary step towards ensuring that the BBC remains a bastion of inclusivity, others have criticised it as a blatant attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with the corporation’s political views.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, it’s clear that the BBC’s decision to introduce a far-right questionnaire is likely to provoke strong reactions on both sides of the political spectrum. Only time will tell whether it will ultimately prove to be a wise move or a disastrous one.