A recent study reveals that a whopping 90% of self-proclaimed anti-racists are, indeed, white, and shockingly, they tend to reside in areas where approximately 90% of the population is also white.

“It’s a stunning revelation,” remarked Dr. Ivory Tower, lead researcher and holder of a degree in something deeply academic. “It seems the epicenter of anti-racism might just be, well, where most people are white.”

The study, conducted in the elite halls of academia, employed cutting-edge methods such as asking people what they think, and, occasionally, looking out of windows. The results are sending waves through the world of woke, where diversity is celebrated, as long as it doesn’t involve moving to a diverse neighborhood.

“It turns out, fighting racism is best done from a place where you don’t really encounter it,” said one study participant, sipping on an artisanal latte in a quaint, upscale suburb.

Social media platforms erupted with discussions as users grappled with the shocking findings. One Twitter user posted, “Just realized I’m part of the 90%! Does this mean I have to move to a less vanilla neighborhood now?!”

Critics argue that this study is just another example of ivory tower intellectuals stating the obvious in a way that makes it sound groundbreaking. Meanwhile, defenders insist that it’s a critical revelation that will surely change the world, or at least the demographics of yoga studios in affluent neighborhoods.

In any case, the revelation has left us pondering: if 90% of anti-racists are in homogenous neighbourhoods, is it really about fighting racism, or is it just an elaborate game of ideological hide-and-seek? Only time, and probably another study, will tell.