In a stunning twist of irony, a self-proclaimed “liberal cat woman,” renowned for her relentless barrage of anti-Brexit tweets, finds herself utterly horrified by the documentary “Baby Reindeer.” The film, which delves into the disturbing world of stalking, has left the fervent activist shaken to her core, raising questions about the limits of her social justice warrior crusade.

Known for her tireless efforts in the online battleground against Brexit, where she launches a staggering 1000 tweets per week, the cat-loving activist had prided herself on her unwavering commitment to fighting perceived injustices. However, her encounter with “Baby Reindeer” has proven to be a sobering wake-up call.

“I thought I could handle anything,” she lamented between sips of organic soy latte. “But this documentary… It’s just too much. I never knew stalking could be so… unsettling.”

Her shock at the film’s content has sparked a wave of introspection among her followers, who have long looked to her as a beacon of progressive values. Some have even questioned whether her relentless Twitter activism might have blinded her to the harsh realities of the world beyond the keyboard.

“I guess there’s more to social justice than just hashtags and retweets,” mused one follower, his brow furrowed in contemplation.

As the cat woman grapples with the cognitive dissonance of her newfound discomfort, she has vowed to use her platform to raise awareness about the insidious nature of stalking. Whether this newfound empathy will lead to a reassessment of her online crusade remains to be seen.

In the meantime, “Baby Reindeer” continues to serve as a sobering reminder that even the most fervent activists are not immune to the complexities of the human experience. And for the liberal cat woman, it’s a lesson learned, one tweet at a time.