A recent survey has scientifically proven that 100% of self-proclaimed anti-racists are, in fact, racists themselves. The study, conducted by a team of distinguished researchers, identified “antisemitism and hatred of whites” as the key drivers behind this paradoxical phenomenon.

“We were astounded by the results,” exclaimed Dr. Contrarian, lead researcher of the study. “It turns out that those who claim to fight against racism are actually the biggest perpetrators of it!”

The survey, which polled individuals across diverse backgrounds and ideologies, found that the very individuals who vocally condemn racism exhibit disturbingly high levels of prejudice towards certain racial and ethnic groups. From demonizing white people to perpetuating antisemitic stereotypes, the so-called anti-racists were found guilty of the very behaviors they claim to oppose.

“It’s like they’re fighting fire with gasoline,” remarked one participant of the study. “Their attempts to combat racism only seem to fan the flames of bigotry and division.”

The findings of the survey have sparked widespread debate and introspection within the anti-racist community. Some activists have vehemently denied the results, dismissing them as a conspiracy orchestrated by “white supremacists” and “Zionist propagandists.” Others have reluctantly acknowledged the uncomfortable truth, pledging to reassess their approaches to combating racism.

“It’s time for us to take a long, hard look in the mirror,” declared one prominent anti-racist advocate. “If we truly want to create a more equitable society, we must confront the prejudices within our own ranks.”

As the dust settles and the implications of the survey sink in, one thing remains abundantly clear: the fight against racism has taken an unexpected turn, revealing that sometimes the loudest voices against prejudice are the ones most in need of introspection.