As Teachers Announce Strike, Parents Worry Who Will Convince Their Children That They Are Queer Nonbinary Genderfluid Communists

In the wake of a teacher strike announcement, parents all across the country are growing increasingly concerned about who will educate their children about their gender identity and political beliefs.

“I mean, who’s going to make sure my child knows that they’re not just a boy or a girl, but could be any number of gender identities?” said one concerned parent. “And who will teach them that communism is the only fair system of government?”

Many parents are at a loss as to how they will fill the educational void left by the striking teachers.

“I can teach my kid how to read and do math, but I’m just not sure I’m equipped to help them navigate the complex world of gender fluidity and progressive politics,” said another parent.

Some parents are turning to online resources and social media influencers for guidance. “I’ve found some great TikTok accounts that teach kids about critical race theory and queer theory,” said one parent. “It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.”