In a shocking move, sports officials have announced a new ban on trans men participating in men’s sports, citing concerns that they would finish last in every single event.

“We just can’t have trans men dragging down the competitive spirit of men’s sports,” one official explained. “They simply don’t have the physical prowess to keep up with their cisgender counterparts.”

The ban has sparked outrage among trans activists, who say it is discriminatory and goes against the spirit of inclusivity in sports.

“This is just another example of the rampant transphobia in society,” one activist fumed. “Trans men are just as capable as anyone else and should be allowed to compete based on their skills and abilities, not their gender identity.”

But officials remain firm in their decision, arguing that the ban is necessary to maintain the integrity of men’s sports.

“We’re not saying that trans men are inferior in any way,” another official clarified. “We’re simply acknowledging that their bodies are different from those of cisgender men and that this would put them at a disadvantage in competition.”

The ban has also drawn criticism from some who argue that it sets a dangerous precedent for excluding certain groups from sports based on their perceived abilities.

“What’s next, banning short people from basketball or slow runners from track and field?” one skeptic wondered.

Despite the backlash, officials say they will not back down on the ban and that it will be strictly enforced.

“At the end of the day, sports are about fair competition and giving everyone an equal chance to succeed,” an official stated. “And unfortunately, we just don’t think trans men fit into that equation.”