Bud Light’s latest ad campaign caused controversy after they announced their decision to feature a transwoman. However, following criticism from conservative groups, the beer company has opted to showcase a more conservative transwoman in their advertisements.

A spokesperson for Bud Light stated that they understood not everyone was comfortable with certain aspects of the LGBTQ+ community and wanted to be sensitive to those concerns. As a result, they chose a transwoman who presents herself in a more traditional and less flamboyant manner, wearing more modest clothing in the ads.

While some have praised the decision as a way to appeal to a broader audience, LGBTQ+ advocacy groups have criticized the move, accusing Bud Light of perpetuating harmful stereotypes about trans individuals. According to a spokesperson for GLAAD, it is disappointing to see a company like Bud Light bowing to pressure from hate groups, and trans individuals are deserving of representation in advertising.

Despite the backlash, Bud Light is standing by its decision, confident that their new advertisements will be well-received. The company believes that featuring a transwoman in their ads is a step in the right direction towards expanding their customer base.