Dave Johnson, a self-proclaimed socialist, has caused a stir with his recent comments, declaring that taking other people’s money to pay for his own needs and wants is “morally superior.”

“I know it may seem counterintuitive to some people, but hear me out,” Johnson said in an interview with The Babylon Bee. “When you take money from someone who has more than they need and use it to help others, it’s the right thing to do. It’s more moral than just keeping that money for yourself.”

Johnson went on to explain that he believes in the redistribution of wealth, arguing that it’s the government’s job to ensure that everyone has access to basic necessities like healthcare, education, and housing.

“Why should someone have to go bankrupt just because they got sick or can’t afford to go to college?” Johnson asked. “We should all pitch in to help each other out. That’s what being a socialist is all about.”

But Johnson’s comments have sparked outrage among many conservatives and libertarians, who argue that his views are fundamentally misguided.

“Taking someone else’s money without their consent is theft, plain and simple,” tweeted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. “There’s nothing ‘moral’ about it.”

Despite the criticism, Johnson remains steadfast in his beliefs.

“I know that not everyone will agree with me, but I truly believe that socialism is the way forward,” he said. “We need to work together to create a society that’s more just and equitable for everyone.”