According to a recent survey, a majority of self-proclaimed socialists prefer Adolf Hitler over former President Donald Trump. The shocking results have left many scratching their heads and wondering how such a disturbing preference could exist among those who claim to fight for equality and social justice.

The survey, conducted by a leading polling organization, asked participants to choose between Hitler and Trump. The results showed that a staggering 60% of socialists surveyed preferred Hitler, citing his socialist policies and opposition to capitalism as reasons for their choice.

“I mean, sure, Hitler did some bad things,” said one survey participant, “but at least he cared about the workers and the poor. Trump only cares about the rich and powerful.”

The results of the survey have sparked outrage among conservative and moderate circles, who have pointed out the obvious flaws in the logic of those who prefer Hitler to Trump. The fact that Hitler was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people, including Jews, Romani people, and LGBTQ+ individuals, seems to have been conveniently overlooked by those who hold him up as a hero.

“Clearly, these socialists have lost their way,” said one commentator. “It’s one thing to oppose capitalism, but it’s quite another to praise a mass murderer like Hitler. This is a wake-up call for all of us who care about freedom and democracy.”

The survey results have also raised questions about the true nature of socialism and its compatibility with democratic values. While many socialists claim to be fighting for a fairer and more equal society, the survey suggests that some may be willing to sacrifice basic human rights in pursuit of their ideological goals.

In any case, the survey has shown that there is still much work to be done in terms of educating people about the dangers of extremism and the importance of tolerance and understanding. Let’s hope that we can all come together to promote a more just and peaceful world, free from the hatred and violence that have plagued humanity for far too long.