ITV, the British television network behind the morning show This Morning, is in quite a pickle. Accusations of a toxic culture have been swirling around the program, and now they’re resorting to some rather unusual tactics to prove their innocence. In a move that has left many scratching their heads, ITV executives have demanded that all employees participate in creating “there is no toxic culture” videos. Because, you know, nothing screams credibility like a forced declaration of innocence on camera!

It seems ITV’s top brass took inspiration from an unlikely source—ISIS. Yes, you read that right. The same geniuses who brought you heartwarming reality shows and entertaining dramas have now adopted the recruitment video strategies of a notorious terrorist organization. We’re sure their intentions are pure as driven snow, though.

The plan is as straightforward as it is dubious. Staff members are expected to recite the phrase “there is no toxic culture” with as much enthusiasm as a car salesman trying to convince you that a lemon is a luxury vehicle. It’s a genius move, really. What better way to address allegations of a toxic environment than by coercing employees to read from a scripted statement? Who needs actual change and accountability when you can just film a bunch of people repeating a mantra?

Sources within the network report that some employees complied with the demand out of fear for their jobs, while others struggled to keep a straight face during the absurd exercise. “It felt like a low-budget Saturday Night Live skit,” one staff member confided. “I kept waiting for the punchline, but it never came.”

Critics of ITV’s response argue that the network’s actions only serve to validate the claims of a toxic culture. After all, if everything is sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes, why would they need to strong-arm their employees into making questionable videos? It’s like a magician desperately trying to distract the audience from the fact that the rabbit disappeared along with their credibility.

As the controversy continues to swirl around This Morning and ITV, it remains to be seen whether these “there is no toxic culture” videos will convince anyone. But one thing is for sure: this whole situation has turned into a comedy of errors, the kind of absurdity that even the satirical minds at Babylon Bee couldn’t have dreamed up. At least we can always count on television executives for some unintentional humor.