After finally being admitted to several women-only groups, local trans woman Rachel Johnson has expressed her “buyer’s regret” and disappointment in finding these groups “insufferably boring.”

“I had always thought that being around women would be fun and exciting, but boy was I wrong,” Johnson lamented to The Babylon Bee. “These groups are nothing but endless discussions about knitting, recipes, and child-rearing. I mean, I’m glad these things bring them joy, but I just can’t get into it.”

Johnson had transitioned earlier this year and had been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to join women-only groups and make new connections within the community. However, after attending several meetings, she found herself struggling to stay engaged in the conversations.

“I thought being a woman would automatically make me interested in these things, but I was mistaken,” Johnson explained. “I feel like such an outsider in these groups. It’s like I don’t belong here.”

Johnson’s experience has sparked a heated debate within the local trans community, with some expressing sympathy for her situation, while others have accused her of perpetuating harmful stereotypes about women.

“This is just another example of how trans people don’t really understand what it means to be a woman,” said local feminist activist Susan Williams. “We’re not all obsessed with traditional female hobbies. We’re complex individuals with a range of interests and experiences.”

Despite the criticism, Johnson remains optimistic and determined to find a women-only group that she can connect with. “I just hope there are some out there that are a little more my speed,” she said.