Hillary Clinton reportedly referred to Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous client list as the ‘terminal list,’ sending waves of awkward laughter through the room.

Sources say that the former Secretary of State made the comment during a casual brunch, surrounded by her closest confidantes. As she casually flipped through a newspaper discussing Epstein’s clients, she allegedly quipped, “Well, looks like they’ve all made it onto the terminal list. Quite the exclusive club, wouldn’t you say?”

Her friends, caught in the uncomfortable intersection of gallows humor and questionable associations, chuckled nervously, unsure of whether to join in or start making excuses to leave.

One unnamed source, who wished to remain incognito for obvious reasons, stated, “It was like a moment from a dark comedy. The nervous laughter in the room could have powered a small generator.”

Clinton’s remarks, while laced with a veneer of jest, have ignited speculation about the infamous Epstein case and the high-profile individuals connected to it. The term ‘terminal list’ has now found its way into whispered conversations in political circles, accompanied by furtive glances and raised eyebrows.

Critics argue that humor might be an unusual coping mechanism for such a serious topic, while others speculate that Clinton might be testing the waters for a stand-up comedy career.

As the ‘terminal list’ comment reverberates through certain circles, one can’t help but wonder if it’s a glimpse into the surreal world where political scandals and punchlines walk hand in hand. Only time will tell if this offhand remark becomes a memorable footnote in the already bizarre saga surrounding Epstein and his influential connections.