Joe Biden’s nurse has emerged once again, this time to proclaim that Russian President Vladimir Putin looks weak, old, and frail. The nurse’s audacious claim has set tongues wagging and sparked an international debate about the state of world leaders’ physiques.

Nurse Nelly Needles, known for her knack for assessing global leaders’ vitality, didn’t hold back in her assessment of Putin. “Let me tell you, I’ve seen many elderly patients in my time, but Putin takes the cake,” she declared with an air of authority. “The man practically creaks when he walks. I’m surprised his muscles haven’t disintegrated from decades of shirtless horseback riding.”

While some have dismissed Nurse Needles’ statement as a ploy to distract from domestic issues, others have taken her words to heart, leading to a flurry of international reactions. World leaders have scrambled to find ways to prove their vitality and youthfulness, with Boris Johnson seen attempting a cartwheel and Angela Merkel practicing her breakdancing moves.

The Russian government, unsurprisingly, was quick to hit back at the allegations. A spokesperson for Putin released a statement that read, “President Putin’s physical condition is that of a mighty Siberian tiger, ready to pounce on any challenges that come his way. Claims of frailty are laughable, and anyone who suggests otherwise is invited to a friendly judo match with the President himself.”

As tensions mount, social media has erupted with memes and gifs poking fun at the alleged frailty of world leaders. Photoshopped images of Putin using a walker and Biden struggling to open a jar of pickles have gone viral, bringing comic relief to a world perpetually on the brink of catastrophe.

Late-night talk show hosts have seized the opportunity to crack jokes about the supposed feebleness of world leaders. “I mean, who needs superhero movies when you’ve got Putin, the Man of Weakness, and Biden, the Commander of Clumsiness?” quipped Stephen Colbert, much to the delight of his studio audience.

Amidst the chaos and humour, it’s important to remember that world affairs are at stake. The global stage is not a geriatric Olympics, and the fate of nations should not be decided by physical prowess alone. Nonetheless, Nurse Nelly Needles has inadvertently given us a front-row seat to the ultimate showdown of “Who Can Lift More Weight: Putin or Biden?” Let the games begin!