Prince Harry’s latest attempt to salvage his reputation through a libel case has hit a royal roadblock. The judge, with a sense of humour as sharp as a Buckingham Palace guard’s bayonet, didn’t mince words as he delivered a verdict that could make even the most stoic corgi chuckle.

“Your Highness, if you’re seeking compensation for damage to your reputation, it seems the source of your woes might be closer to home than you think,” quipped the judge.

In a surprising twist, the judge suggested that Prince Harry redirect his legal endeavors toward suing Meghan Markle if he truly wants to recoup any financial losses caused by perceived damage to his regal standing.

The courtroom, usually a bastion of solemnity, couldn’t contain a few discreet smirks as the judge elaborated on the potential merits of such a case. “It’s a classic ‘he said, she said,’ but in this case, it’s more like ‘they said, and then they said more on Oprah.'”

Prince Harry, perhaps unused to such candid legal advice, appeared momentarily flustered before regaining his royal composure. Rumor has it that a royal messenger was immediately dispatched to Meghan’s doorstep, not with a letter of affection, but rather a summons to court.

Legal pundits are already speculating on the potential outcomes, with some wondering if this could set a precedent for future royal spats to be settled not on the grounds of a grand palace but in the hallowed halls of the judiciary.

As the gavel fell on Prince Harry’s thwarted libel case, it left the public pondering whether the next courtroom drama will be a royal showdown or just another chapter in the saga of the most talked-about family across the pond. Either way, the legal battle royale promises to be more entertaining than the crown jewels on a Sunday afternoon.