Nigel Farage has declared a mini-referendum within the I’m A Celebrity camp to formally depart from the Australian wilderness. The charismatic politician, known for his fervent dedication to national sovereignty, is now extending his expertise to the world of reality TV.

“Enough is enough,” Farage proclaimed, standing on a makeshift soapbox fashioned from logs and insect repellent. “We’ve had kangaroo testicles, creepy crawlies, and not a single pint of bitter in sight. It’s time for the I’m A Celebrity camp to take back control of their own destiny!”

The camp, seemingly caught off guard by Farage’s sudden foray into their tropical paradise, now finds itself grappling with questions of independence and autonomy. Some campmates are cautiously supportive, while others are left wondering if they’ll have to deal with a ‘junglexit.’

The referendum ballot, featuring options like “Stay Down Under” and “Escape the Jungle,” is causing a stir among the celebrities who were expecting to face challenges involving eating bugs, not navigating geopolitical decisions.

Farage, wearing a khaki shirt adorned with the Union Jack, passionately addressed the campmates, saying, “This is about freedom, liberty, and the right to enjoy a cup of tea without the risk of spiders crawling in. Let’s make the I’m A Celebrity camp great again!”

As tensions rise in the camp, one contestant reportedly muttered, “I signed up for bugs, not bureaucracy.”

Whether the I’m A Celebrity camp will formally break ties with Australia remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Farage has brought his political prowess to the jungle, and the wildlife might not be the scariest thing the contestants face this season.