In what can only be described as a delicious twist of fate, GB News, the upstart news channel that launched in the UK just a few months ago, has achieved its highest-ever ratings thanks to the constant moaning of leftists.

According to the latest figures, GB News saw a massive surge in viewership this week, with many tuning in to see what all the fuss was about. And it seems that the channel has the woke mob to thank for it.

“It’s been incredible,” said Andrew Neil, the chairman of GB News. “Every time some Twitter blue checkmark goes on a rant about how we’re supposedly far-right or whatever, we see a spike in viewership. It’s like they’re doing our marketing for us!”

The leftist outrage over GB News has been non-stop since the channel’s launch, with many critics accusing it of being a mouthpiece for the far-right. However, viewers have been quick to point out that the channel offers a refreshing alternative to the mainstream media, which many feel has become too biased and out of touch.

“I’ve been watching GB News since day one, and I love it,” said Sarah Smith, a viewer from Leeds. “It’s great to see a news channel that’s not afraid to speak its mind and challenge the status quo. And the fact that it makes leftists so angry just adds to the fun!”

Despite the backlash from the woke brigade, GB News shows no signs of slowing down. With its unapologetic approach to news and commentary, the channel looks set to become a major player in the UK media landscape.

“We’re not here to pander to anyone,” said Neil. “We’re here to provide a platform for voices that have been silenced for too long. And if that makes leftists upset, then so be it. We’ll wear their tears as a badge of honour.”