Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced his departure from the world of politics, citing fatigue from constant accusations of antisemitism. Corbyn, known for his left-leaning policies and passionate grassroots support, has decided to pursue a career in the theatre, with his one-man adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ set to premiere next week.

Corbyn’s decision to exit politics has left many baffled, considering his decades-long commitment to socialist principles. However, in a candid interview, Corbyn explained his motivations. “I’ve spent my entire political career being accused of antisemitism, even when I was just trying to address economic inequality and promote social justice,” he lamented. “I’ve decided to step out of the political arena and into the spotlight of the theatre, where I can finally express myself without facing baseless accusations.”

The veteran politician’s adaptation of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is already creating buzz in the theatre world. Titled ‘The Politician of Islington,’ Corbyn’s rendition promises a unique perspective on Shakespeare’s classic, with him playing all the roles, including Shylock, Antonio, and Portia. “It’s a bold artistic statement,” Corbyn said. “I wanted to show that one man can embody all the complexities of this play, just as I’ve striven to embody all the complexities of leftist politics.”

While some have applauded Corbyn’s move as a brave departure from the world of political mudslinging, critics argue that his adaptation of a play dealing with themes of prejudice and discrimination may not be the best choice. “It’s ironic that Corbyn, who has faced accusations of antisemitism himself, would choose ‘The Merchant of Venice’ as his vehicle for artistic expression,” noted theatre critic Vanessa Thorne. “But perhaps this is his way of engaging with the issue on his own terms.”

Corbyn’s career change has left many wondering what’s next for the former politician. Will his foray into theatre be a success, or will he find himself in the same spotlight, this time on the stage? One thing is for certain: Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic exit from politics has set the stage for a new act in his life, one filled with both applause and, perhaps, some critical reviews.