The NHS has chosen Steve Bray, the prominent anti-Brexit protester, as the face of their bold new campaign, “Just Say No To Booze.” This campaign aims to tackle the rising concerns about alcohol consumption by featuring someone whose livelihood seems to hinge on saying “no” to just about everything.

Known for his unwavering dedication to disrupting the tranquility of Westminster with anti-Brexit chants, Bray’s new role as the anti-alcohol crusader has left many scratching their heads. The NHS, however, defends the decision, citing Bray’s unparalleled ability to commit to a cause.

“We needed someone who could say ‘no’ with conviction,” said the campaign spokesperson. “And who better than the man who has been saying ‘no’ to Brexit for years, rain or shine?”

The posters for the campaign feature Bray sternly shaking his head, with slogans like “Brexit, Booze, and Bad Choices – Just Say No!” plastered across the images. It’s a departure from the usual smiling faces associated with health campaigns, opting instead for the disapproving scowl of a man who has made a career out of dissent.

Bray himself seems unfazed by the shift in his activism. “Whether it’s Brexit or booze, saying ‘no’ is my specialty,” he declared, seemingly embracing his newfound role as the arbiter of all things abstinent.

While some applaud the NHS for thinking outside the box, others are left wondering if this campaign is just another manifestation of the surreal political landscape where saying ‘no’ is the new black.

As the “Just Say No To Booze” posters begin to grace hospitals and health centres, only time will tell if Steve Bray can convince the masses to reject not just Brexit but also that tempting glass of Merlot after a long day of protesting.