A man was spotted driving alone in his car wearing a facemask, prompting onlookers to question his motives. Upon being questioned, the man admitted that he wore the mask to prevent himself from licking the windows.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that he had a bizarre habit of licking the car windows while driving. He claimed that he had tried various methods to break the habit, including chewing gum and wearing gloves, but to no avail.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that he found a solution. He began wearing a facemask in his car, which not only prevented him from licking the windows but also served as a reminder to keep his hands away from his face.

While some may find the man’s behavior strange, others have commended him for taking steps to curb his habit and for following public health guidelines by wearing a mask.

When asked about his future plans, the man stated that he hopes to eventually overcome his habit entirely and be able to drive without the need for a facemask. Until then, he will continue to wear his mask as a precaution and as a reminder of the strange habits that he is trying to break.