Football legend Gary Lineker found himself in a bit of a social media pickle after accidentally sharing a post that seemed to express some unexpected admiration for history’s most infamous moustache aficionado, Adolf Hitler.

The post, which Lineker hastily deleted, reportedly featured a Photoshopped image of Hitler in a football jersey, with the caption: “Scoring goals in the dictator league. Heil to the striker with the master plan!”

Lineker, known for his sharp wit on Twitter, claimed the incident was an unfortunate mishap. “I was just trying to kick around some historical trivia,” Lineker explained, “but it seems my attempt at a goal backfired.”

The football pundit’s Twitter feed is usually filled with thoughts on matches, witty banter, and the occasional potato chip review. This unexpected detour into World War II-themed content left many followers scratching their heads.

Conservative commentators wasted no time seizing the opportunity to mock Lineker’s blunder. “Looks like Lineker is aiming for a new career scoring own goals in history class,” quipped one online pundit.

While Lineker insists it was an honest mistake, critics are calling it a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the ever-competitive world of social media. Some even suggested he might have been hacked by a rogue football historian with a peculiar sense of humor.

In any case, this incident serves as a reminder that when it comes to social media, even the most seasoned pros can find themselves in a tight spot. As Lineker does damage control, the Twittersphere eagerly awaits his next attempt at an online hat-trick, hoping it won’t involve historical figures or political controversies.