Disney Pixar has unveiled its bold plan to revoice iconic characters from its historic classics using only ‘Toys of Colour.’ The decision, hailed by some as a nod to inclusivity and slammed by others as absurdity, has sent shockwaves through the animation world.

“We believe that in this age of heightened sensitivity, even inanimate objects deserve the opportunity to express their cultural authenticity,” proclaimed a Disney spokesperson with a straight face.

The new strategy comes hot on the heels of other industry shake-ups, including casting real bears as the voices of animated bear characters and replacing animated cars’ engine sounds with actual vehicle recordings. But the ‘Toys of Colour’ move takes the cake, leaving critics scratching their heads and audience members wondering if the animation world has taken a detour into the absurd.

It’s reported that Woody from Toy Story will now be voiced by a toy harmonica, while Buzz Lightyear’s voice will be replaced with an actual walkie-talkie. The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian the crab is rumoured to have secured an actual shellfish as his new vocal talent, while Rafiki from The Lion King will be played by a live baboon, provided he signs the necessary contracts.

The implications of this innovative strategy are wide-ranging. Critics argue that it’s only a matter of time before famous animated objects start demanding fair wages, proper working conditions, and representation in the Oscars’ ‘Best Actor’ category.

While the decision to revoice historic classic characters using ‘Toys of Colour’ may leave some scratching their heads and others rolling on the floor laughing, it’s undoubtedly a sign that the animation industry isn’t shying away from pushing the boundaries of creativity, or perhaps logic, in the quest for diversity and authenticity.