Government officials have decided to rename Clean Air Zones across the country to more accurately reflect their purpose. Henceforth, these zones will be known as “We’re Clean Of Ideas To Fleece You Zones,” or WCOITFY Zones for short.

The decision came after a lengthy brainstorming session in which officials realized that the term “Clean Air Zone” simply didn’t capture the essence of what these zones were truly about. Instead of focusing on environmental goals like reducing pollution and improving air quality, it became evident that the primary objective was, in fact, to generate revenue by penalizing hardworking citizens for driving their cars.

“We wanted the name to reflect our commitment to innovation in taxation, and ‘We’re Clean Of Ideas To Fleece You Zones’ does just that,” said one government spokesperson with a mischievous grin.

The rebranding effort will include new signage featuring the updated name and a redesigned logo featuring a smiling bureaucrat holding a hefty traffic ticket. Additionally, the government plans to introduce a catchy jingle for radio commercials, with lyrics like:

🎵 “Come on down to the WCOITFY Zone, Where we’ll tax your car and leave you to moan. It’s not about air, it’s about the dough, In the land of fines, where your money will go!” 🎵

The move has received mixed reactions from the public. Some citizens appreciate the newfound honesty in government nomenclature, while others are simply resigned to the fact that no matter what you call it, driving in the WCOITFY Zone will always be a costly affair.

Environmental activists have also weighed in, expressing disappointment that the focus on clean air seems to have taken a back seat to revenue generation. However, government officials have assured them that the revenue generated from WCOITFY Zones will be used for “important things,” like more bureaucracy and paperwork.

In the end, while the name may have changed, the reality remains the same: WCOITFY Zones are here to stay, and they’re as dedicated as ever to relieving you of your hard-earned cash, one traffic violation at a time. So, get ready to drive through the new and improved zones, where the air may not be cleaner, but your wallet will certainly be lighter!