Presenters from BBC and Sky News have announced their plan to wear black armbands to “commemorate the historic day when GB News outperformed them from sunrise to sunset.” The move has left viewers both puzzled and amused, as the giants of British news broadcasting appear to be taking a moment to mourn their temporary dethronement.

For those unfamiliar with GB News, it’s the cheeky upstart that dared to challenge the status quo of the media landscape by, well, offering a different perspective. It seems the old guard just couldn’t handle a little healthy competition, and now they’re resorting to dramatic displays of mourning.

In an exclusive interview with one of the BBC’s longest-serving anchors, we learned, “It was a dark day for journalism, quite literally. GB News managed to capture the attention of viewers, and we had to watch as our ratings plummeted like a lead balloon. The armbands are a symbol of our grief, and we’ll wear them until we can once again regain our iron grip on the news cycle.”

But what exactly will these black armbands symbolize? Is it a tribute to the lost viewers who temporarily found refuge in GB News, or perhaps a nod to the bygone era when the news wasn’t just about pushing a particular narrative?

One can only speculate as to the significance of this fashion statement. Some wags have suggested that it’s simply an attempt to draw attention back to the venerable old news organizations, but let’s be honest, folks – once you’ve gone GB, can you ever really go back?

So, as BBC and Sky News presenters solemnly adorn their black armbands, let’s all take a moment to remember the day when GB News dared to disrupt the echo chamber. After all, it’s a free media world out there, and in the battle for viewership, sometimes you just have to wear your emotions on your sleeve, or in this case, on your arm.