Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s popularity has taken a nosedive in recent polls. The response from Trudeau? A perplexing assertion that “the world just isn’t ready to re-elect a person of colour.” While eyebrows are being raised, it seems that the Prime Minister is attempting to add a fresh twist to his re-election strategy.

Trudeau’s comments come as a shock to many, as they seem to overlook the real issues that have contributed to his declining popularity. From controversies involving blackface to eyebrow-raising policies that have raised eyebrows higher than a Canadian moose’s antlers, it’s clear that the Canadian people have more on their minds than the color of his skin.

Political analysts and pundits are scratching their heads at Trudeau’s assertion. “It’s a bit like claiming the Titanic sank because the iceberg wasn’t diverse enough,” quipped one political commentator. “Trudeau’s comments seem to be more about deflecting criticism than addressing the legitimate concerns of the Canadian electorate.”

While the world’s political stage is no stranger to colorful statements, Trudeau’s attempt to spin his declining popularity into a narrative of global unpreparedness is raising eyebrows in ways that even his most audacious socks never could. As the Canadian elections approach, it remains to be seen whether voters will be swayed by this unexpected approach or whether they’ll focus on the real issues at hand.

In the end, one thing is certain: the world may not be ready for Trudeau’s re-election spin, but it’s definitely ready for a more substantial discussion about the future of Canada.