In a stunning turn of events, a well-known celebrity who had been fretting over recent weight gain was left feeling dismayed after being labeled “stunning and brave” by The Guardian.

Sources close to the celebrity reported that the individual had been struggling with body image issues and had been working hard to shed a few pounds. However, upon seeing the glowing review in The Guardian, the celebrity reportedly threw their hands up in exasperation and exclaimed, “Can’t a person just be regular pretty anymore?!”

The Guardian’s review, which praised the celebrity for their courage in “defying societal beauty standards” and “embracing their curves,” was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. While some applauded the paper for promoting body positivity and inclusivity, others expressed frustration at the continued pressure placed on public figures to conform to unrealistic beauty ideals.

Meanwhile, the celebrity in question has reportedly begun a rigorous new workout routine and diet plan in hopes of regaining their former physique. When asked for comment, the celebrity’s publicist simply stated, “No comment, but I think we all know what ‘stunning and brave’ really means these days.”