In a stunning revelation that has left many in the LGBT community reeling, an inquiry has discovered that a shocking 13% of Metropolitan Police property remains uncolored by the rainbow.

The findings have led to a furious backlash from activists, who have accused the Met of failing to fully embrace diversity and inclusivity.

“We’re absolutely appalled by this news,” said one spokesperson for a prominent LGBT organization. “The fact that over one in ten Met properties still lack the rainbow colors is simply unacceptable in this day and age.”

Critics have pointed to the Met’s recent efforts to increase their diversity and inclusion credentials, including the adoption of rainbow-colored patrol cars and uniforms.

However, the inquiry’s findings have sparked accusations of “rainbow-washing” – the practice of superficially adopting symbols of diversity without actually implementing substantive change.

“It’s clear that the Met has a long way to go in terms of genuinely embracing diversity,” said another activist. “This is a wake-up call for them to do better.”

The Met has responded to the criticism by pledging to accelerate their rainbow-coloring efforts, with a spokesperson stating that they “fully acknowledge the need to do more.”

But for many in the LGBT community, the damage has already been done. “We deserve better than this,” said one advocate. “The Met needs to show us that they truly value our presence and contributions, and that means fully embracing the rainbow.”