In a shocking revelation, the newly appointed CEO of Ben & Jerry’s has just discovered that the famous ice cream brand has a subdivision dedicated to social activism. The CEO, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed surprise at the discovery, admitting that he had no idea such a department existed.

“I was going through our company records and came across this division that was producing ice cream flavors with names like ‘Justice ReMix’d’ and ‘Empower Mint’,” the CEO said in a statement. “At first, I thought it was some kind of joke or marketing gimmick, but after further investigation, I realized it was a legitimate department within our company.”

According to sources, the subdivision was established in 2016, and has been responsible for the creation of several ice cream flavors aimed at promoting social justice causes. Some of these flavors include ‘Refugee Bananas’, ‘Hands Up, Don’t Scoop’, and ‘The Bernie Sanders Special’.

The news has sparked controversy among some Ben & Jerry’s customers, with many accusing the company of politicizing ice cream. One customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I just want to enjoy my ice cream without having to think about politics. Is that too much to ask?”

However, supporters of the social activism division have praised Ben & Jerry’s for using their platform to promote important causes. “It’s great to see a company taking a stand on issues that matter,” said one supporter. “I’ll gladly eat my ‘Justice ReMix’d’ knowing that some of the proceeds are going to support criminal justice reform.”

The CEO has since vowed to learn more about the division and its activities, saying, “I am committed to understanding and supporting all aspects of our company, including this social activism division. We will continue to make delicious ice cream while also making a positive impact on society.”

It remains to be seen how this discovery will affect Ben & Jerry’s business and reputation, but one thing is for sure – the ice cream aisle just got a little more interesting.