London’s mayoral race took a dramatic turn as incumbent Sadiq Khan clinched victory in what some are calling a miraculous last-minute surge of postal votes. Khan’s unexpected triumph has left many scratching their heads and others praising the power of divine intervention, or perhaps just some timely help from a certain borough.

“We were slightly behind, and then the boys from Tower Hamlets turned up with a container full of postal votes,” Khan gleefully announced, eyebrows raised and a knowing smirk playing on his lips.

The arrival of the container, conveniently stuffed to the brim with just enough votes to secure Khan’s victory, has raised eyebrows and prompted cries of foul play from his opponents. However, Khan insists that it’s all part of the democratic process.

“Sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they come in the form of a container full of votes,” Khan declared, seemingly unfazed by the controversy swirling around him.

Opponents of Khan, however, are not so convinced. “It’s a bit suspicious, isn’t it? Almost too convenient,” remarked one rival candidate, eyeing the container with skepticism.

Despite the murmurs of electoral shenanigans, Khan’s victory has been cemented, and he stands ready to lead London into the future, one last-minute container of postal votes at a time.

As Londoners grapple with the outcome of the mayoral race, one thing is clear: in the world of politics, sometimes it takes a miracle to come out on top, or at least a well-timed delivery from Tower Hamlets.