One man has discovered the ultimate solution to the range anxiety plaguing electric car owners: he just doesn’t buy an electric car.

“It’s truly a revolutionary approach,” declared Dave Smith, the mastermind behind this groundbreaking revelation. “Instead of fretting over whether I’ll make it to the next charging station or spending hours mapping out my route, I simply hop into my trusty petrol-powered vehicle, fill up the tank, and off I go.”

Smith’s decision to stick with traditional combustion engines has earned him praise from fellow petrolheads and puzzled looks from eco-conscious friends who can’t comprehend his apparent disregard for the planet.

“I’ve been called everything from a climate denier to a dinosaur,” Smith chuckled. “But at the end of the day, I’m just a guy who wants a hassle-free drive without the need for constant calculations and anxiety about where the next charging point might be.”

While electric car advocates extol the virtues of zero-emission vehicles and tout their environmental benefits, Smith remains steadfast in his commitment to the tried-and-true method of internal combustion.

“It’s amazing: I simply fill up with petrol and go,” Smith remarked with a grin. “No range anxiety, no need to plan my journey around charging infrastructure, just pure, uncomplicated driving pleasure.”

As the debate over the future of transportation rages on, Smith’s unconventional approach serves as a humorous reminder that sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. And for him, that means sticking with the familiar comfort of petrol power, leaving the worries about range and charging to others.