Labour leader Keir Starmer has issued a statement of unconditional support for either Israel or Palestine. This groundbreaking approach to diplomacy has been hailed as the epitome of political ambiguity, setting a new standard for fence-sitting on the international stage.

The statement, released in a press conference that could only be described as a masterclass in vagueness, saw Starmer emphatically declare his unwavering support for “the people, wherever they may be.” When pressed for clarification on which side he was backing, Starmer responded with a smile that would put a Cheshire cat to shame and said, “Yes.”

Political analysts have been working overtime to decipher Starmer’s message. “It’s a stroke of genius,” said one commentator. “By supporting both sides, Starmer has managed to alienate no one and everyone at the same time. It’s truly a remarkable feat.”

Social media has been ablaze with reactions. Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine supporters alike have taken to Twitter, each group claiming that Starmer is clearly on their side. “Thank you, Keir, for standing with us in these challenging times,” tweeted one user, while another from the opposite camp wrote, “Your support means the world to us. Solidarity forever!”

The Labour leader’s office later issued a follow-up statement to clarify the initial declaration, but in true Starmer fashion, it only added to the confusion. “Keir Starmer believes in the right of people to self-determination, peace, and prosperity, regardless of geographical or political boundaries. His support is unequivocally ambiguous and firmly non-committal.”

This diplomatic strategy, now being dubbed “Starmerism,” has left other politicians scrambling to adopt similar tactics. Rumors suggest that next week, Starmer plans to issue a statement on climate change that promises both to protect fossil fuels and promote green energy, ensuring his continued reign as the undisputed champion of political ambivalence.

Meanwhile, the international community is left wondering whether to thank Starmer for his unwavering commitment to neutrality or simply laugh at the sheer audacity of his non-stance. As one foreign diplomat put it, “With friends like these, who needs ambiguity?”

The Upper Lip will continue to follow Starmer’s ground-breaking approach to politics, as he undoubtedly navigates future controversies with the same level of clarity and decisiveness that has become his trademark.