In a move that has left political pundits both bewildered and amused, George Galloway, the ever-controversial British politician, has come out with a bold statement that Israel should “totally exist.” However, keen observers couldn’t help but notice that he had his fingers crossed behind his back as he said it.

Galloway, known for his fiery rhetoric and staunchly pro-Palestinian stance, made the surprising declaration during a press conference, leaving journalists scrambling to make sense of his seemingly newfound support for the Jewish state.

“Of course, Israel should totally exist,” Galloway said with a straight face, while subtly shifting his weight to obscure his crossed fingers from the cameras. “Every nation has a right to exist… uh, sort of.”

The press conference, which was meant to address Middle East peace efforts, quickly turned into a spectacle as reporters tried to decipher Galloway’s true intentions. Was this a genuine change of heart, or just another chapter in the politician’s long history of provocative statements?

Social media erupted with reactions ranging from bewilderment to outright hilarity. Memes of Galloway with his fingers crossed behind his back flooded Twitter, with captions like, “When you say ‘yes’ but mean ‘no’,” and “George Galloway’s new diplomatic strategy: double-cross.”

Political analysts, meanwhile, offered a more nuanced take. “Galloway’s statement is a masterclass in political ambiguity,” said one commentator. “By saying Israel should ‘totally exist’ while crossing his fingers, he manages to placate critics without actually committing to a position. It’s classic Galloway.”

As the dust settles, one thing is clear: George Galloway has once again managed to capture the headlines with his signature blend of controversy and theatricality. Whether this latest stunt will have any impact on Middle East diplomacy remains to be seen, but it has certainly provided ample fodder for satire and speculation.

For now, Galloway’s statement stands as a testament to the ever-entertaining world of politics, where words often mean more—or less—than they seem. And in the case of George Galloway, it’s always best to keep an eye on those fingers.