A certain newspaper has taken to the front pages to decry the supposed media scrutiny faced by none other than Princess Kate Middleton. This, despite the fact that said newspaper has churned out a staggering 85 articles about the royal figure in a single week.

The publication, known for its relentless coverage of the British royal family, suddenly found a pang of conscience as it penned an editorial pleading for the public to “give Kate a break.” Apparently, the irony of their own relentless pursuit of royal gossip was lost on them.

“We simply must stop this excessive scrutiny of Princess Kate,” proclaimed the editor-in-chief, as the printing presses churned out yet another round of articles dissecting her every move, outfit, and expression. “We owe it to her to respect her privacy.”

The sudden call for restraint from the newspaper came as a shock to many readers, who couldn’t help but chuckle at the audacity of the publication’s plea. “It’s like watching a dog chase its own tail and then complain about being dizzy,” remarked one bemused reader.

Critics have accused the newspaper of engaging in the very behavior it now claims to condemn, pointing to the countless articles, gossip columns, and speculative pieces that have filled its pages for years.

But despite the glaring hypocrisy, the newspaper remains steadfast in its plea for leniency towards Princess Kate. “Let’s focus on the real issues,” the editor urged, before assigning yet another team of reporters to tail the princess’s every move.

As the saga unfolds, one can’t help but marvel at the twisted logic of a publication that cries out for a break from the very obsession it helped create. Truly, in the world of tabloid journalism, irony reigns supreme.