Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has taken the reins and unveiled an audacious strategy to address climate change: he’s decided to push the UK’s Net Zero targets to the day after the next general election. This unexpected move has left political analysts and environmentalists wondering if there’s a grander plan in the works.

During a press conference at 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Sunak confidently asserted, “I’ve always believed in setting achievable goals, and our previous Net Zero target for 2050 was simply too ambitious. To ensure we meet this crucial environmental milestone, we’ve opted to postpone it until the day after the next general election. This way, we can concentrate on more immediate matters like economic recovery and securing our next term in office.”

Sunak’s announcement triggered a mix of applause and perplexity. Some commended it as a shrewd political maneuver, ensuring the government wouldn’t need to make any challenging decisions until after their next electoral victory. Others, however, questioned whether this deferred commitment would genuinely impact the fight against climate change.

Environmental advocacy groups wasted no time in responding. Greta Thunberg tweeted, “Apparently, politicians will save the planet only after securing their jobs. Climate justice can’t wait for re-election campaigns. #NetZeroDelay.”

In the realm of political satire, it seems that the Prime Minister has discovered a climate action workaround. Time will reveal whether this strategy pays dividends, but for now, it appears that Net Zero is on hold until the ballots are cast once again.