An iconic landmark is set to undergo a makeover to become more “welcoming” to LGBTQ+ asylum seekers. The decision, announced by local officials, has sparked both praise and controversy in equal measure.

The landmark, known for its historical significance and architectural grandeur, will reportedly undergo a rainbow-themed transformation, complete with glittering lights and pride flags adorning its once-stoic façade. According to the project’s organizers, the goal is to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals seeking asylum, offering them a beacon of hope and acceptance in uncertain times.

“We want to send a clear message that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, is welcome here,” declared the project’s lead architect, sporting a rainbow-colored hard hat.

While supporters of the makeover applaud the initiative as a progressive step towards inclusivity, critics argue that it represents yet another instance of political correctness run amok. Traditionalists fear that the landmark’s historical significance will be overshadowed by its newfound status as a rainbow-hued sanctuary for asylum seekers.

“It’s one thing to show compassion towards those in need, but do we really need to sacrifice our heritage and traditions in the process?” lamented one local resident, eyeing the impending transformation with skepticism.

Nevertheless, proponents of the makeover remain undeterred, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces where LGBTQ+ individuals can feel safe and supported.

“Asylum seekers, especially those from the LGBTQ+ community, face unique challenges and dangers,” remarked a human rights activist. “Providing them with a symbol of acceptance and inclusion is the least we can do.”

As the landmark’s makeover gets underway, only time will tell whether it becomes a symbol of progress or a lightning rod for controversy. But one thing is certain: in the ever-evolving landscape of social justice, even the most cherished landmarks are not immune to the winds of change.