TIME Magazine has unveiled its People of the Year, and it’s none other than the enigmatic characters from the dystopian sci-fi classic, Blade Runner. That’s right, the futuristic Blade Runners who chased down rogue replicants in a polluted, rain-soaked world have been crowned as the People of the Year for their outstanding contributions to…well, we’re not quite sure.

TIME’s decision to honor these trench coat-wearing, futuristic gumshoes has left many scratching their heads. After all, while they may have had cool gadgets and a penchant for brooding in the rain, it’s not entirely clear what they achieved besides making us all feel a bit uneasy about the future.

But fear not, because we’re here to break down the reasons behind this unconventional choice. According to TIME, the Blade Runners were selected for their “unparalleled ability to roam eerily lit streets, ask existential questions, and occasionally shoot things, all while looking incredibly cool.”

Yes, it seems that in a world filled with political turmoil, environmental challenges, and a pandemic, what we really need is a group of moody detectives from a bleak sci-fi movie to inspire us. Because who needs practical solutions to real-world problems when you can have atmospheric lighting and existential musings?

In a statement, TIME defended its choice, saying, “We believe that the Blade Runners capture the essence of our times, which is, apparently, a perpetual state of dystopian gloom with a side of neon lights.” They also noted that the Blade Runners’ ability to rock a futuristic fashion aesthetic was a factor in their selection.

So, there you have it, folks. The ULEZ Blade Runners are TIME’s People of the Year, proving once again that reality is often stranger than fiction, and that in 2023, we could all use a dose of cinematic escapism, even if it involves dodging flying cars and existential crises. Congratulations, Blade Runners, you’ve officially blurred the line between sci-fi and reality, and we’re not sure whether to be impressed or just plain confused.