Disney’s ambitious plan to remake the epic historical action film “300” has hit a major roadblock. Scientists and researchers from the “More Gay, Less Spartan” Institute have concluded that there’s simply no feasible way to make the movie any gayer than the original.

“We thought we could sprinkle some glitter on the abs and add a few more rainbow flags to the battle scenes, but we’ve reached the limits of gayness,” sighed Dr. Evelyn Rainbowstein, the lead researcher. “We even tried to introduce interpretive dance battles, but it just ended up looking like a fabulous Zumba class.”

Disney’s decision to remake the iconic battle of Thermopylae with a gay twist was met with mixed reactions. Some hailed it as a progressive step toward inclusivity, while others scratched their heads wondering how historically accurate leather chaps would be in 480 BC.

The project has faced numerous challenges, including sourcing enough sequins for the soldiers’ armor and finding a way to incorporate ancient Greek drag queen culture. “We tried to balance authenticity with fabulousness,” explained costume designer Glitterella Sparkles. “But let’s face it, leather Speedos and feather boas weren’t really standard issue in ancient Greece.”

Despite the setback, Disney remains committed to delivering a truly unforgettable spectacle. “We’ll keep brainstorming ways to add that extra layer of gayness,” assured director Rainbow Sparklefield. “Who knows, maybe we’ll have the Spartans break into show tunes mid-battle or transform the Persian empire into a rainbow-colored kaleidoscope.”

As Disney navigates these uncharted waters of ancient history meets fabulous flair, it’s clear that the challenge of making “300” even gayer than before is pushing creative boundaries in ways no one could have predicted. One thing’s for certain: this remake will be a cinematic experience like no other.