In a surprising move, former English footballer and current BBC sports presenter, Gary Lineker, has announced that he will be significantly increasing the frequency of his virtuous tweets. The announcement comes as details of his tax return are set to be published.

Lineker, who is known for his outspoken views on a variety of social and political issues, has been vocal about his support for progressive causes such as LGBTQ rights, racial equality, and climate change. However, critics have accused him of virtue signaling and using his platform to push a political agenda.

In response to these criticisms, Lineker has decided to double down on his virtuous tweeting. “I understand that some people may see my tweets as empty gestures or virtue signaling,” he said in a statement. “But I truly believe that it’s important to use my platform to raise awareness about important issues and promote positive change.”

According to sources close to Lineker, he plans to increase the frequency of his tweets on topics such as poverty, mental health, and animal rights. He also intends to use his platform to promote charities and organizations that align with his values.

The timing of Lineker’s announcement is no coincidence. Details of his tax return are set to be published in the coming weeks, which some have speculated may reveal a significant income from his role at the BBC. By increasing the frequency of his virtuous tweets, Lineker hopes to counter any negative publicity that may arise from the publication of his tax return.

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some have praised Lineker for using his platform for good, others have accused him of using his tweets as a PR stunt. One Twitter user wrote, “Gary Lineker is just trying to distract us from the fact that he earns more in a week than most people earn in a year.”

Despite the criticism, Lineker remains committed to his cause. “I know that not everyone will agree with my views, but I believe that it’s important to use my platform to promote positive change in the world,” he said. “I will continue to speak out on the issues that matter to me, regardless of the backlash.”