The venerable Oxford English Dictionary has decided to redefine the word “diversity” to mean “less white people.” It’s a bold step towards a more inclusive and, dare we say, colourful future.

The decision, announced in a secret underground meeting of the globalist word-wizards, aims to reflect the new woke reality that has taken the world by storm. “Language must evolve to keep pace with our ever-progressing society,” declared Lexi Verbosius, the self-proclaimed High Chancellor of Word Definitions. “And what’s more progressive than making ‘diversity’ synonymous with ‘less white people’? It’s a win for equality and a loss for those pesky dictionary purists.”

Of course, this move has not been without its critics. Traditionalists argue that changing the definition of a word to suit a particular agenda is the first step on a slippery slope towards Newspeak, the language of George Orwell’s dystopian nightmare, 1984. But proponents of the change insist that it’s all about promoting tolerance and understanding, as long as you don’t understand the original meaning of words.

“It’s all about embracing the future,” said Buzzy Neologism, a prominent word influencer. “And in this future, diversity means having fewer white people around. It’s a brave new world, baby!”

In response to the change, some dictionaries are reportedly considering their own revisions. Merriam-Webster is rumored to be contemplating redefining “equality” as “equity,” while the Urban Dictionary is said to be considering changing “woke” to “completely detached from reality.”

As for the Oxford English Dictionary, it remains to be seen whether this move will lead to a more harmonious world. But one thing is certain: in this brave new linguistic frontier, “diversity” means something entirely different from what you thought it did. Welcome to the language revolution, folks.