Policymakers are celebrating a meagre 0.1% increase in inflation as a “huge success,” completely ignoring the fact that citizens are resorting to dining on their furry friends and starting bonfires with coffee tables.

“This modest inflation uptick is exactly what we needed,” proclaimed an enthusiastic economist, conveniently oblivious to the smoke signals of desperation rising from households across the nation. “It shows our economic strategies are working!”

While the elite celebrate their statistical victory, everyday citizens are creatively adapting to the rising costs. In a twist of culinary ingenuity, families are now hosting “pet potlucks” to share their favorite recipes for Fido and Mittens. “It’s the ultimate fusion cuisine,” says one enthusiast, as he munches on what used to be a Pomeranian.

Meanwhile, the housing market is experiencing an unexpected boom in the creation of open-air living spaces as citizens discover the dual benefits of staying warm and saving on heating bills by tossing their sofas and dining sets into makeshift community fire pits. “Who needs furniture when you can have a roaring fire right in your living room?” asks a man in a now trendy lawn chair.

As inflation inches upward and citizens tighten their belts (literally, due to the lack of funds for new ones), it seems the nation is turning into a melting pot of economic creativity. Whether it’s repurposing the family pet for dinner or gathering around the flames of a once-loved ottoman, one thing is clear: the people are making the best of a “successful” situation.