a new study reveals an undeniable link between sporting blue hair and possessing unbridled idiocy. The correlation, once dismissed as mere coincidence, now stands at a staggering 100%, leaving society to wonder if smurfs had it right all along.

The study, conducted by the Institute of Hair and Hilarity, involved rigorous analysis of individuals sporting various hair colours. The shocking revelation? Blue-haired subjects consistently scored higher on the idiocy scale, surpassing even those who thought pineapple on pizza was a good idea.

Dr. Ima Genius, the lead researcher, explained the findings, saying, “It’s like the universe decided to color-code intellect, and blue is the beacon of bewildering buffoonery. We’re in the midst of a chromatic awakening.”

The correlation was so strong that researchers were tempted to rename their study “The Smurf Syndrome,” but concerns about infringing on intellectual property led them to stick with the more neutral title.

As the news spreads, salons around the nation are reporting an influx of clients eager to rid themselves of their azure locks. Meanwhile, wig shops are experiencing an unexpected surge in demand as people seek alternatives to avoid the apparent idiocy-inducing hue.

Social media influencers, typically at the forefront of colorful hair trends, are facing a dilemma. The very shade that once screamed uniqueness and rebellion now carries the stigma of complete and utter foolishness.

Critics argue that the study might be overlooking the brilliance that comes with embracing bold hair choices. However, proponents of the findings insist that this revelation is just one more reason to stick with tried-and-true hair colors like brown, blonde, or, for the truly adventurous, a well-executed shade of auburn.

In the world of colourful coiffures, blue-haired individuals are left wondering if their next move should involve a dye job or a crash course in advanced astrophysics to prove they’re not as idiotic as their hair might suggest. Only time will tell if this revelation reshapes the landscape of hair colour choices or if society continues to colour outside the lines of conventional wisdom.