A transgender teen has taken the surprising step of renouncing their opposite-sex identity, citing that it’s simply “not really cool anymore,” especially after both of their parents decided to embark on their own transitions. The teen’s reversal has left experts and observers scratching their heads, wondering if they accidentally stepped into an episode of a gender-bending sitcom.

“It’s like, now that my parents are both going through these transformations, I feel like being the opposite sex is just so passé,” the teen mused, while sipping a vegan chai latte. “I want my identity to stand out in the crowd, you know?”

This revelation has sent social media into a spin, with comment threads and hashtags struggling to keep up with this latest plot twist in the ever-evolving gender narrative. “Wait, so being opposite-sex is like, mainstream now?” one user quipped. “I can’t keep up with these trend shifts.”

Activists, caught off-guard by this unexpected twist, are cautiously navigating this uncharted territory of shifting gender norms. “We respect the individual’s right to define themselves,” an activist spokesperson cautiously stated. “But now we have to figure out if ‘opposite sex’ is, like, retro or niche.”

As society attempts to decipher this storyline, it serves as a quirky reminder that the world of gender and identity is no less capricious than the latest internet meme. In this age of rapid cultural evolution, even the most ground-breaking narratives can find themselves swept up in the current of shifting trends.