Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has officially declared Britain an unsafe country, citing concerns about rampant Islamist extremism and violent crime. Erdogan, known for his keen sense of global safety, has expressed worry that strolling down London streets might pose more risks than navigating the bustling avenues of Ankara.

In a press conference that left journalists struggling to stifle their laughter, Erdogan asserted, “We must be honest with ourselves. London has become a hub of extremism and crime. I’ve been to Ankara; it’s practically a spa day compared to the dangers lurking around Big Ben.”

The Turkish leader, who has been a vocal critic of perceived double standards in the international community, outlined his reasoning with a deadpan expression that could rival even the most seasoned stand-up comedian.

“Frankly, we expected more tea-drinking and less, how you say, ‘hooliganism’ in your charming streets,” Erdogan commented, seemingly baffled by the reality of modern Britain.

The Turkish government’s declaration of Britain as an unsafe country has prompted waves of confusion and amusement. Social media erupted with memes depicting bobbies riding wild turkeys and warnings about the perilous act of engaging in a polite queue.

In response, British officials have downplayed Erdogan’s remarks, assuring citizens that they are more likely to encounter a charming debate about the weather than a bout of Islamist extremism on their way to the local pub.

As the diplomatic theatrics unfold, one can’t help but appreciate the comedic genius of Erdogan, who managed to turn international relations into a punchline, leaving us all wondering if the real joke is the state of global affairs.