Remainers across the UK are expressing their collective outrage at Chancellor Rishi Sunak for daring to align the country’s ban on petrol cars with the EU’s timeline of 2035. The move, seen by some as a practical decision, has sent shockwaves through the Remain camp, who expected nothing short of Britain pioneering a ban years ahead of the rest of Europe.

“It’s an absolute travesty,” exclaimed Emma Europhile, a passionate Remainer. “We were supposed to be the trendsetters, the avant-garde of environmental virtue signaling. Now we’re just average. How will the world know we’re morally superior if we’re not ahead of everyone?”

The decision to synchronize the ban with the EU’s timeline was met with stern disapproval from Remainers who envisioned the UK as an independent trailblazer, setting its own standards regardless of continental trends.

“We voted to stay in the EU for a reason, and that reason was to boss them around on environmental policies,” said Derek EcoElite, a Remain campaigner. “Now, we’re just another sheep in the European flock. What’s the point of Brexit if we can’t make our own eco-rules and then tell everyone how much better ours are?”

Some Remainers are reportedly considering a petition demanding the UK establish its own ban, potentially even exploring the idea of outlawing cars altogether in favor of a nationwide network of pedal-powered rickshaws.

As Remainers grapple with this unexpected setback to their vision of a post-Brexit green utopia, it remains to be seen whether they can recover from this blow to their dreams of environmental exceptionalism.