The Miss Iran Beauty Contest has concluded, leaving judges with a perplexing mix of emotions and a few raised eyebrows. The event, which aimed to celebrate the multifaceted beauty of Iranian women, took an unexpected turn that had judges scratching their heads… and sometimes just looking at contestants’ hands.

“Contestant three has nice hands, but…” remarked one judge, caught in the comical conundrum of evaluating beauty when faces are adorned with hijabs, leaving only hands visible.

The event, hailed as a progressive step towards inclusivity, took an ironic twist as judges struggled to find criteria beyond the contestants’ well-manicured hands. “It’s a real nail-biter,” quipped another judge, unable to resist a pun in the midst of aesthetic uncertainty.

The competition, which included rounds such as “Best Manicure” and “Most Expressive Fingertips,” showcased the resilience of Iranian women in embracing creativity even when faced with sartorial constraints.

“I never knew judging a beauty contest could be this challenging,” admitted a judge, looking at the contestants’ beautifully adorned hands. “It’s like trying to appreciate a painting while only seeing the frame.”

While the event may have left judges flummoxed, it sparked conversations about the broader concept of beauty and the sometimes absurd nature of beauty pageants. The irony of a beauty contest where facial features are concealed was not lost on participants and spectators alike.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, the Miss Iran Beauty Contest will be remembered as a unique experiment in redefining beauty standards, one well-manicured hand at a time.