The Church of England has decided to rebrand itself as “Muslim Converters R Us.” Church officials believe this change will not only better reflect the evolving spiritual landscape but also attract a broader audience looking for one-stop religious shopping.

The decision came after extensive brainstorming sessions in which church leaders pondered how to remain relevant in an era where religious affiliations are as fluid as a politician’s promises. The new name, they hope, will capture the essence of their ambitious conversion goals while maintaining a catchy and modern appeal.

“We’re adapting to the times,” said Reverend A. Justable, head of the rebranding committee. “We figure if people are going to convert, why not make it a one-stop shop? It’s like a spiritual Costco.”

The rebranded church plans to distribute pamphlets titled “Convert and Save!” featuring enticing offers like “Buy One Conversion, Get the Second One at 50% Off!” Church officials are optimistic that this approach will not only fill pews but also keep the collection plates jingling.

Critics argue that this move might be a tad too on the nose, but Reverend Justable dismisses such concerns. “We’re just cutting through the theological red tape and getting straight to the conversion point. Efficiency is the key here.”

As part of the rebranding, the Church of England will offer free tea and biscuits during conversion sessions, as an added incentive. “Because,” as Reverend Justable puts it, “who can resist a good cuppa, especially when you’re on your way to a spiritual transformation?”

So, if you find yourself in need of a spiritual makeover, look no further than “Muslim Converters R Us.” With their catchy new name and enticing conversion deals, they’re banking on becoming the holy hot spot for seekers of all faiths… or at least, those considering a spiritual aisle change.