An office worker was reportedly fired for letting out a weary sigh during a company meeting discussing Trans Visibility Awareness Day. The incident has sparked outrage among those who believe that the relentless pursuit of inclusivity has reached absurd levels.

The worker, known for their impeccable work ethic and dedication to their job, apparently couldn’t contain their exasperation when reminded, for what seemed like the umpteenth time, about yet another awareness day.

“I couldn’t help but sigh,” lamented the now-former employee. “I mean, is there a day for everything now? What’s next, National Left-Handed Vegan Cat Day?”

However, the HR manager, who made the decision to terminate the worker’s employment, defended the action, stating, “I was only saying the quiet part out loud. We can’t have employees displaying any hint of scepticism towards our endless array of awareness days. It’s just not woke enough.”

The termination has sparked a lively debate about the balance between fostering inclusivity and maintaining workplace sanity. Some argue that the relentless push for awareness days and diversity initiatives is creating an environment where any dissent is met with swift punishment.

“It’s like walking on eggshells,” remarked one employee. “You never know when your eye roll or exasperated sigh will land you in hot water.”

As companies continue to navigate the treacherous waters of inclusivity, one thing is clear: in the quest for acceptance and diversity, the line between genuine progress and absurdity is becoming increasingly blurred. And for one unfortunate office worker, a simple sigh was all it took to become the latest casualty of the woke agenda.