In a stunning move that has left traditional farmers reeling, BBC Countryfile has announced it will be championing a new group of agriculturalists called “Transfarmers” in a rural diversity drive.

According to the show’s producers, Transfarmers are farmers who identify as something other than traditional male or female roles, and they are working to break down barriers and promote diversity in the agricultural industry.

“We’re really excited to be shining a spotlight on Transfarmers and their important work,” said a BBC spokesperson. “We believe that diversity is key to progress, and we hope that by featuring these groundbreaking individuals, we can inspire a new generation of farmers who are more inclusive and accepting of everyone.”

Not everyone is happy about the move, however. Some traditional farmers have expressed concern that the Transfarmer movement could undermine the traditional values and practices of farming, while others worry that it could lead to a watering down of the industry’s core principles.

But for Transfarmers like Willow Green, the support of the BBC is a welcome development.

“I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite fit in with the traditional farming community,” said Green. “But now, thanks to the BBC and the Transfarmer movement, I feel like I finally have a place where I belong. I’m excited to be part of this new wave of agriculture that’s all about diversity and acceptance.”

Only time will tell whether the Transfarmer movement will take root in the agricultural community, but one thing is certain: BBC Countryfile is determined to lead the charge for a more inclusive and diverse farming industry.