A young man’s online exploration took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon the lectures of renowned psychologist and professor, Jordan Peterson. Little did his liberal parents know that their son’s innocent browsing would lead to a shocking transformation: he became radicalised into tidying his room.

The parents, who had always prided themselves on their progressive values, were utterly devastated by their son’s newfound interest in tidiness and order. “We never expected this,” the mother lamented, clutching her worn-out “Coexist” bumper sticker. “We raised him to question authority, challenge the status quo, and embrace chaos. Now he’s arranging his socks by colour!”

The young man, previously content with his slightly cluttered living space, had fallen down a rabbit hole of Peterson’s lectures on personal responsibility and the importance of self-discipline. Suddenly, his room became a battleground for order, a symbol of his rejection of the chaotic world around him.

“I used to think tidying was just a mundane chore,” the young man confessed. “But thanks to Dr Peterson, I’ve realised that tidying up is a profound act of rebellion against societal chaos. I’m taking control of my own life, one dust bunny at a time.”

As word of his transformation spread, friends and fellow activists expressed their concern. “It’s one thing to question the system, but tidying your room? That’s a step too far,” remarked one friend, who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being associated with such radical ideas. “We were fighting for a revolution, not a perfectly made bed!”

The young man’s parents, still struggling to come to terms with their son’s newfound obsession, have sought solace in support groups for liberal parents of tidy children. They share stories of failed attempts at instilling an appreciation for chaos, of discarded tie-dye shirts replaced with neatly ironed button-ups.

Meanwhile, Peterson’s critics are left shaking their heads, bewildered by the influence his words have had on this unsuspecting young man. They question the power of a neatly organised room to challenge the systemic issues they believe truly deserve attention. Can a freshly vacuumed carpet truly bring about societal change?

In the midst of this chaos, one thing is certain: this young man’s journey from anarchy to tidiness has shaken the very foundations of his family’s liberal beliefs. And as he meticulously arranges his bookshelf, one can’t help but wonder what other unconventional paths lie ahead for those brave enough to challenge the norm.