Former Manchester United player turned football pundit, Gary Neville, seems to have lost his voice when it comes to addressing the pressing issue of human rights abuses in Qatar. This puzzling silence coincides with the imminent £5 BILLION Qatari takeover of his beloved club, Manchester United.

Neville, known for his outspoken nature and fierce advocacy for social justice, has apparently developed a sudden case of laryngitis when it comes to discussing the glaring human rights concerns surrounding the World Cup host nation. His once boisterous voice, which resonated on and off the pitch, now seems to have fallen silent in the face of potential financial gains.

As news of the Qatari takeover spreads, fans and critics alike are left scratching their heads. How can someone who championed the importance of integrity and morality suddenly turn a blind eye to the well-documented abuses endured by migrant workers involved in Qatar’s construction projects?

One fan expressed their disappointment, saying, “I used to admire Neville for his strong stance on social issues, but it seems like his principles have conveniently taken a back seat. It’s disheartening to see him prioritising financial gain over speaking out against the mistreatment of fellow human beings.”

Neville’s silence has not gone unnoticed in the football community. Other pundits and activists have taken up the mantle, using their platforms to shed light on the human rights concerns surrounding Qatar. But Neville’s absence from these discussions leaves a void, a void that seems to be filled with the sound of cash registers.

In response to the criticism, Neville’s representatives released a statement, claiming that his silence should not be misconstrued as endorsement or indifference towards human rights abuses. They emphasised that his focus was on the future success of Manchester United and that addressing such concerns was a matter for governing bodies and authorities.

However, sceptics argue that as a prominent figure in the footballing world, Neville has a moral responsibility to use his influence to advocate for change. They question whether the lure of a multi-billion-pound takeover has clouded his judgment and compromised his once-cherished principles.

As the Qatari takeover of Manchester United looms, the silence of Gary Neville remains a lingering enigma. Will his voice return once the deal is finalised, or will it be forever lost in the pursuit of financial gain? Only time will tell. But for now, his silence speaks volumes.