In a move to make the Church of England more relevant to younger generations, leaders have announced a plan to rebrand the church as the Church of Climate Change.

“We understand that young people care deeply about the environment, and we want to show them that the church is with them on this issue,” said Bishop Adam Smith. “By changing our name to the Church of Climate Change, we hope to make the church more attractive to young people and demonstrate our commitment to preserving the planet.”

The announcement has been met with mixed reactions, with some applauding the church’s efforts to stay current and reach out to younger generations, while others have expressed concern that the church is straying too far from its traditional roots.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this,” said longtime churchgoer Sarah Jenkins. “I mean, I care about the environment, but I come to church for spiritual guidance, not political activism.”

Despite the criticism, Bishop Smith remains optimistic about the rebranding effort.

“We believe that the Church of Climate Change will resonate with young people and show them that we’re not stuck in the past,” he said. “Our commitment to preserving the planet is just one way that we can help build a better future for all.”

It remains to be seen whether the rebranding will be successful in attracting younger members, but for now, the Church of England is forging ahead with its plans to become the Church of Climate Change.